Raccoon Mountain Caverns

Wild Cave Expeditions

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Chattanooga, Tennessee  



Start Time
Approx. Tour Length
Gypsum Crawl
4.5 hours
Canyon Crawl
2 hours
Echo Room
3 hours
Waterfall Dome
3.5 hours
Fossil Crawl
2.5 hours
Canyon Crawl
2 hours

PLEASE NOTE: Wild Cave Expedition times and availability are subject to change. Due to staffing and previously scheduled events, not all tours will be available at all times on any given day. Please utilize the online reservation request system or call to check on specific availability. Advance reservations are required as tours can fill up quickly.  

Wild Cave Expeditions are physically strenuous tours that require strength and stamina. Tours include climbing, crawling, walking, stooping, and sliding. These tours visit the undeveloped parts of the cave, which include many small spaces and a total lack of light. Therefore, they are not recommended for those with claustrophobia or achluophobia. These tours are also not recommended for those with back, neck, heart, or knee issues or those having had recent surgery or who are pregnant. Height and age restrictions apply. See the Expeditions page for more information.